Lingoleaf Language Services

We provide a professional language translation and proofreading service, tailored to suit your specific language requirements. As well as offering a range of English language services, we specialise in translating, proofreading, copy-editing, subtitling and transcribing an ever growing list of foreign languages, including all the major European, Nordic and Asian languages. Please contact us to find out about our services and special offers!

Our experience comes from working for a number of internationally renowned financial, legal, marketing, media and pharmaceutical companies over many years (see our client list), and assignments have included translations for bilingual dictionaries and film subtitling.

Catering to an international market, our passion for languages enables us to meet your demands with confidence, creativity and a quick turn-around.

Our clients…

Some of the clients our language experts have worked with over the years are:

BBC – Lloyds TSB – YLE – Coty – L’Oréal – Purple Films – Technicolor – Trivial Pursuit – Ella’s Kitchen – Astra Zeneca – IKEA – Generator Hostels – Vintage Travel – Diplomat Magazine – Fortune Law

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